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Uses of Feedburner!


According to the FeedBurner website you can publize your feed, optimize your feed, analyze your feed and monetize your feed. All of these services are provided free of charge by Google.


The point of having our wikis is to educate people about our chosen field and to try to get more people interested and involved. Feedburner offers several tools that bloggers can use to tell the world about their feed.


One way to do this is to use the PingShot service. PingShot is a notification service that enables your feed to be updated in different spot as soon as you add new content. Why would I want to use PingShot for my blog? I want my subscribers to have the latest information immediately after I post it. How can I do that? Using PingShot to let them know! Right now, the task is up to me to let the different aggregators, search engines, and directories know I changed something on my blog. I am a busy student! I don't have time for all of that. That's where PingShot comes into play. It will keep track of the different content aggregators and Ping them when something changes! PingShot is also an open directory so anyone can join!

I can also use the email subscription service on my blog. FeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email. Some people that may want more information about my blog may not be as familiar with RSS feeds. I can use this feature to inform people about changes on my blog that would rather have the information come to a more familiar setting- their inbox!


I can use the Feed Flare service to optimize the blogging experience for my subscribers. The viewers can see how many posts there are in response to my blog. Also, subscribers can email me directly in response to my blogs. Feed subscribers can also save and forward feeds! I can also use SmartFeed to make sure the largest amount of subscribers are able to receive feeds from my blog. SmartFeed detects the type of feed coming from my blog and the type of feed that aggregators can read. If the two do not match, the SmartFeed will convert the feed type coming from my blog to make it compatible with the feed reader. That allows more subscribers to be able to read my blog.


FeedBurner Stats is a way for me to be able to analyze the experience subscribers are having with my blog. Using this service, I can analyze the subscription data (number of subscribers per day, week, last thirty days, and over the history of the blog) and the reach data. It can also track me the clickthrough habits of people that come to my blog. It also will show me the live hits on my blog. Why is this important for my blog? Well FeedBurner also provides all these other services:

  • Visitor summary and detail
  • Page summary and detail
  • Visitor and referral trends
  • Inbound referral traffic breakdown
  • Outbound click breakdown
  • Visitor city cloud
  • Percentage inbound traffic from search and the specific queries that drove the traffic
  • Percentage traffic from other direct links and the specific pages that drove that traffic
  • Percentage visitors that are new visitors to your site today
  • Browser, OS and screen resolution breakdown, with trend indicators
  • Detailed historical traffic by page

You may be thinking, you still haven't told me WHY this matters. Well, by being able to see what pages on my blog people are viewing, I can figure out what content is most popular and tailor my blog to that particular experience. Also, I can see how people are finding out about my blog. The point of the blog is to inform as MANY people as possible about the HIV/AIDS relief worker's job and how people can become more involved with this job. By being able to see how people are finding my blog, I can boost the amount of people that find it by tweaking the tags on my blog for example.

Concluding thoughts:

I definitely plan on using these tools for my blog. I want my blog to reach as many people as possible. I also want my blog to be as convenient for as many of my feed subscribers as possible. You should check out the FeedBurner site. There are other tools on the site that I did not include in this blog post.

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