Video search

Video search has been very useful in my project. It has been very helpful to watch testimonial of people that have been either working with the nonprofits to help make the fight against HIV/AIDS more effective or to hear from those whom work for the non profits themselves.


I was able to search for videos using YouTube fairly easily. The advanced search feature allowed me to search by geographic location. That was very helpful because it allowed me to narrow my search to Sub Saharan Africa to find on the job testimonial. Also using the channel feature allowed me to find videos posted by the specific nonprofits I am studying. The Clinton Foundation has a channel. Also, it allows me to subscribe to the videos being posted. This is useful for my project because it allows me to remain updated about different news stories and videos being posted on the site without having to constantly check the site.


Using the channel feature, helped me monitor my sources. I have done research for video testimonial and given the nature of my project I have found that often the sources for these videos are not always credible. Also, the different categories (news, sports, tv channels etc) of video types was helpful. I could also find news results to post on my recent developments. That way my viewers that are just trying to get news from my wiki site can get a plethora of different web content instead of just news articles. Also you can see how many views a video has and you can view them by either popularity or how recently they were posted. This is also useful because I can vaguely estimate how valuable this video will be so I do not waste my time watching it if it is not high quality. However, I found it hard to search for exactly what I was looking for because of lacking search selections.


This site was useful. You can either run a search query or your could search one of the many search channels. This made me think of my topic in ways I had not thought before. I was able to get more creative results. One of the key things about my project is that I need to be able to filter out all the videos and pictures that appeal too much to the emotions of the viewers. With HIV/AIDS research, there are a lot of ads trying to get people to donate money. While these are helpful in the fight against AIDS, it is not helpful to my project. I can use the advanced search feature to edit these types of videos out of my search results.

Overall, video testimony adds an element to my project that pictures and text alone cannot do justice. It is important to use a search engine that allows you to use advanced search to be able to find exactly for what you are looking. Also, my favorite is still YouTube. I found the feed subscription to be helpful. It sent me many updates with great information for my project.

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