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October 2002

Oct 3, 2002
In 2002, the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) was formed to provide affordable Anti retroviral treatments for HIV/AIDS more affordable and to assist developing nations with implementation of large-scale integrated care, treatment, and prevention programs.

October 2003

Oct 7, 2003
In October 2003, former President Bill Clinton announced that his Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) had organized a program to provide generic antiretroviral treatment. Cost of these treatments can be as low as $0.38 per dose per person.
Clinton Foundation Initial Efforts

May 2004

May 7, 2004
The Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and the United Nations World Food Program worked together to find a way to feed those who are taking anti retroviral drugs in developing countries. Many of these patients cannot work and have to choose between taking their medications and feeding themselves or their children.
Clinton Foundation works together with United Nations World Food Program


May 21, 2004
This article is a summary of the experiences of several Clinton Foundation workers that worked in the foundation's Harlem office. It provides the reader with a description of the area before and after the Clinton Foundation moved into the area.
Clinton Foundation Harlem Office

August 2004

Aug 7, 2004
Clinton Foundation CHAI is spreading their efforts to China. They are working with the Chinese Government and the World Health Organization to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. China has been hit hard with the number of infections of HIV/AIDS increasing on a yearly basis.
CHAI in China

December 2004

Dec 18, 2004
The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) is working with the Cambodian Ministry of Health to provide support for the Cambodian Government's efforts in the treatment of pediatric patients that are infected with HIV/AIDS.
Clinton Foundation in Cambodia

April 2005

Apr 7, 2005
The Clinton Foundation has moved into an office in Lesotho and is placing a permanent country team there to help with the HIV/AIDS treatment initiatives within the country.
CHAI in Lesotho

November 2006

Nov 28, 2006
The Clinton Foundation CHAI, Indian Medical Association, and the National AIDS Control Organization put on a workshop about HIV/AIDS in developing countries. It provided a forum for doctors to talk about different techniques for treating their patients at a lower costs so that they would be able to treat as many patients as possible.
Clinton Foundation, NACO and the Indian Medical Association work together to educate doctors

May 2007

May 9 2007
Clinton Foundation Announces a Bargain on Generic AIDS Drugs. This article is about the drug procurement process and how analysts work to get the prices reduced.
Clinton Foundation Drug Procurement Plan

February 2008

February 5, 2008
Clinton Foundation worked with Roche to reach an agreement on diagnostic test material procurement. Roche will deliver state-of-the-art diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of HIV-exposed children less than 18 months of age at substantially reduced prices.

April 2008

Apr 3, 2008
Clinton Foundation is working with pharmaceutical companies to offer 16 types of first and second line anti retroviral drugs at reduced prices. The Clinton Foundation is working with the pharmaceutical companies to help create more accurate demand planning and quality control.
Clinton Foundation working with Pharmaceuticals

Apr 29, 2008
The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative worked with UNITAID to negotiate agreements with generic drug companies to provide anti retroviral drugs at lower costs to ministries of health of countries all over Africa. Also, UNITAID and CHAI worked with pharmaceutical companies to provide pediatric versions of the anti retroviral drugs.

Apr 29, 2008
Summary of how UNITAID& the Clinton Foundation provide anti retroviral drugs to ministries of health of African countries for lower prices. Also compares drug prices that the Clinton Foundation and UNITAID can provide as compared to MSF.

May 2008

May 4, 2008
Domestic drug makers Cipla, Aurobindo and Matrix Laboratories have worked to create more second-line anti retroviral drugs and pediatric drugs at a discounted rate. UNITAID and Clinton Foundation have been partners working together to provide prescription drugs to those who cannot afford them at discounted rates.
UNITAID & CHAI Partnership

July 2008

Jul 19, 2008
The Clinton Foundation is working with pharmaceutical companies based out of India to produce generic drugs at a lower price. The Clinton Foundation is also working with suppliers to pharmaceutical companies to be able to reduce those costs to supply generics at a reduced cost. They are also working with these companies to support malaria relief by producing drugs to cure malaria at a lower cost.
329090&tab=r Indian Pharmaceuticals

September 2008

Sept 30, 2008
The NGO community met to discuss the successes and failures of the HIV/AIDS relief efforts. UNAIDS, The William J Clinton Foundation CHAI initiative, and UNICEF were at the event. The group met together to plan to create a more unified effort and sharing resources for suppliers for HIV/AIDS testing equipment and medication.
East African NGOs Meet

October 2008

Oct 29, 2008
Former President Bill Clinton speaks out about how the current financial crisis will affect donations to his foundation. This article provides an unique look at how foundations are run when donations are low. It also shows a potential analyst about how his or her job security will be affected by the economic climate.
Bill Clinton Speaks Out about Economic Condition

November 2008

Nov 26, 2008
This is an article profiling one of the Clinton Foundation's employees. It is good for the future analysts because it really shows what type of people that the Clinton Foundation is looking to hire. It also explains a little about what kinds of skills they are looking for in a potential new hire.
Potential New Hires Check it Out!

Nov 30, 2008
The cost of treating children infected with HIV/AIDS is going to be reduced next year, under a deal announced today between two Indian drugmakers and the William J Clinton’s foundation.
Clinton Foundation Brokers HIV/AIDS Drug Relief

December 2008

Dec 2, 2008
This article is very helpful for understanding what happens to NPOs and NGOs during credit crunches. It is about new types of NPOs which are called PPPs. Amidst growing concern about a financial crunch and heavy pressure to develop new molecules, the concept of public private partnerships (PPPs) has evolved as an able rescuer to drug developers. Future analysts should read this article and learn about how they will have to adapt to working with different types of non profit organizations.
New Types of Non Profits

Dec 2, 2008
Clinton Foundation made a large donation to the Holy Family Center (Nazareth Hospital), in Kiambu District. According to the project Director in the hospital, Sr. Jeya Sebastian, 90% of the ARVs drugs come from US Presidential Emergency Fund Relief for HIV and AIDS, PEPFER and the remaining 10% from the global fund through the government. This article is good because it has many quotations from relief workers. It explains a lot about what the relief money is going towards and how it can help.
Clinton Foundation Relief Efforts

Dec 6, 2008
This article explains different ways the different non profit organizations are responding to the financial crisis that the world economy is going through currently. The Clinton Foundation currently has been making job cuts. It is an interesting take on how non profits like the Clinton Foundation fit into the current economic landscape.
Non Profits changing structure to fit into current economic conditions

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