Deep Web Resources

PEPFAR Reauthorization
This article is good for the incoming analyst as it shows the impact that the reauthorization of PEPAR could possibly have on the nonprofit world as well as other NGOs. It was found doing a search on PEPFAR in Google Scholar.

UNAIDS Under Fire
This article provides insight into the geo political climate of the NPO and NGO world. UNAIDS is receiving negative press because of its work with a religiously based organization and this article is a good example of how you would have to deal with that negative press during your job. This resource was found using BNET.

PEPFAR in Uganda
This article is about the work that PEPFAR is doing in Uganda. The article includes some of the cost benefit analysis you would be required to do as an analyst fi you were to take the job. This resource was found using Scirus.

Clinton Foundation Generic Drugs
This article is an example of a cost benefit analysis that one would have to complete as an analyst for the Clinton Foundation. Drug procurement is one of many tasks that an incoming analyst may be asked to perform. This resource was found using BNET.

Clinton's Africa Tour
This resource was found using BNET. The article is about how former President Bill Clinton went on a week long, six-nation African tour. The tour was a publicity creator and it was to boost awareness of his foundation and their efforts in fighting HIV/AIDS.

PEPFAR Summary
This resource was found using Scirus. It is a great summary of what PEPFAR is and where the money goes. It is a great resource if you just need background information.

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