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Features of Google News


Number of news stories:

You can add or delete the main news categories (for example, the sports or entertainment sections) to fit your personal interests. For further customization, you can increase or decrease the number of headlines that are housed within each section.

Foreign news coverage:

Bonus! Are you a foreign national, want an international perspective on US news, or do you just want to keep up on international news? There are over 60 country specific versions of Google News and you can add sections from different countries to your specific news home page.

What if my interests are a little outside the box?

Google News has a feature that allows you to create your own special interest section. To do this you just need to use those wonderful query skills we gained from the web search lecture to define what you want the section to include. The new section that you created is then added to your Google News homepage.

Recommended stories:

Another perk of signing into your Google account is using the recommended section. Google News can track your news searching history and create a customized section just for you based off of your previous browsing patterns. Google News does this by using “smart algorithms” to analyze your browsing history. The more you sign in and use Google News, the better this section will become over time.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds:

  • Google News section feeds: You can get a feed for any Google News section. To get these feeds you just need to select the feed link while your are browsing the sports section to get a RSS feed for up to date sports news.
  • Google News search results feeds:RSS feeds are also available for any search you do while using Google News. Do a search in Google News and then click the RSS Feed link or the Atom link to start a feed of the search results.
  • Going with the general theme of customization:You can also get a customized news feed. All you need to do is create a customized news page and use the Atom link or the RSS link.

What if I want to compare the results of Google News to another news site?

Well, you could do this manually. This could potentially be very time consuming; however, and as a busy student myself, I would not want to do this laborious search. You could also use a comparison website.

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