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AIDS in Africa

This article provides information on the social affects that AIDS is having on African nations. It tells about the affects the disease will have in 10- 20 years and it is from TIME magazine.

Sexual Health in Africa

This is a category from DMOZ and it is about the sexual health of those that are living in Africa. It also talks about how NPOs are working in Africa to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Turbo10 came up with the following topic clusters which I did not think about prior to using Turbo10. It suggested Rural Poverty Reduction as a topic cluster. I followed up with that as a search query and that came up with more results as to work Non Profits are doing in Africa to try to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. It also suggested African Sexual Health Conference. This is a conference held in a different African Country each year. I also followed up with that as a search topic. It provided more results for my project.

I also tried using Google Scholar however this did not yield many quality results on my field of study.

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