Live Interviews with Clinton Foundation Workers

Nurse working with HIV/AIDS patients in Ethiopia discusses the impact that the Clinton Foundation (CHAI) has had on patient care. He also discusses what it is like to work with Clinton Foundation relief workers. This interview took place in 2008.

Former President Bill Clinton gave a speech in San Francisco addressing the challenges his employees face everyday. He also speaks about the strides CHAI is making in the procurement process of HIV/AIDS treatments. They are now able to get these life saving drugs at reduced cost.

This video shows a day in the life of a child with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. It shows how the Clinton Foundation is making a difference in these economically depressed areas.

This video is particularly helpful for the incoming analyst. There are several interviews with current analysts and also interviews with current ministry of health workers. They describe some of the challenges you will face during your time working as an analyst and also some solutions.

This video is of a woman describing her experiences working with the Clinton Foundation. She describes her experience and what affect the Clinton Foundation had on the community. She goes in depth on the preparation that the incoming analyst will need to prepare for the job.

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