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This websites provides a background of UNICEF and how it came to the fight against HIV/AIDS. It also explains the affects the disease is having on the children of Sub Saharan Africa. The best part about this site for the incoming analyst is that it provides a look at how UNICEF works with other nonprofits to better provide protection for the children that fall victim to HIV/AIDS. It is a website you can learn from as it is important to work together as a team to share limited resources in order to better serve those in need.

UNICEF Resources

This site provides background information on the resources that UNICEF provides its HIV/AIDS relief workers. It is important to know what type of support you will have while on the job. It is also important to do research and train yourself as much as possible before leaving for your job. Many of these jobs do not provide on the job training. That can be a lot to handle for a first time analyst. Looking at these websites will help prepare you for the type of work environments you will encounter and what type of support you will have while on the job.

The William J Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation Careers

This site describes jobs currently offered and a list of relevant descriptions of job duties. This is good for analysts that are looking for work. It is especially crucial right now as many nonprofits are cutting back on the number of positions as the market has changed and there are less donations available.

Background information on Clinton Foundation

This site gives more background information on the Clinton Foundation. It also provides reviews of the job experience. This is good for the incoming analyst to understand from a current analyst's perspective. There are many different aspects to this job. It is quite difficult to be an expat in Africa. Especially if you are a global analysts, you do not often have a home base. You are expected to move from country to country as each crisis in the Ministry of Health for each country unfolds.

Clinton Foundation CHAI

The Clinton Foundation is extremely active in the Not for Profit realm in the fight against AIDS in Africa. This is a foundation that I am analyzing. They structure their foundation into four parts. They have two teams. One team works on a global scale and the other works in country. Within each team there are Lab Analysts and Field Experts. Lab Analysts work with the doctors to find better ways of getting test materials to labs to make the testing process more cost effective. Field analysts go out into cities and rural areas of Africa to see how to best spread preventative measures.



UNAIDS is also extremely active in the fight against AIDS in Africa. This website has been key to understanding the role of a NPO while working with the ministries of health in many African countries. They are a part of the United Nations and consequently have the support of many nations. They more easily can get other NPOs to collaborate to create a better joint effort.

UNAIDS Internships

This site is helpful for those that do not want to do this job full time but would rather just get a taste. This provides listings for all the internship offerings that UNAIDS currently has. There are some for jobs abroad and some job listings in the United States. This site provides job descriptions for current open positions within UNAIDS and the job requirements. It gives insight into the industry, and what is required of its consultants.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. This site is helpful for those with medical degrees that want to apply it in an unconventional method or to those that want to help the organization. It has information on how to become more involved with the organization and what to expect while on the job.


President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief

This is a good resource for incoming analysts. It provides information on how to involve non profits and other non governmental organizations as well as information on the different countries one could work with if he or she were to become involved with PEPFAR.

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