Relevant Web Pages 1

Center for Disease Control
This website provides reliable statistics on the world HIV/AIDS situation. It is also helpful for obtaining background information on the topic. Also, it provides a good way to train yourself on methods to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Also, before you go abroad you need to get certain immunizations. This website provides all the necessary information you need to know before you travel to Africa. Also this is a US government sponsored website. It is a very credible resource.

World Health Organization
This website provides information on each country that is a member of the World Health Organization. It is also a very credible site that you can use to obtain background information to prepare yourself for your job abroad. Also, it provides a forum for analysts to share their experiences and knowledge with one another. WHO has HIV/AIDS initiatives and provides information on how NPOs can work together to fight HIV/AIDS.

World Bank

The World Bank is a major player in the international development area of NPOs and NGOs. It is crucial to understand how NPOs and NGOs work with the World Bank to help developing countries create infastructures. This is especially important when creating strategies to get test equipment and materials to labs to test patients for HIV/AIDS.


This is the website for Doctors Without Borders. It is often known as MSF which is the abbreviation for its French name. It also provides stories from the field. It is good for background knowledge about what to expect when working with the different Ministries of Health. Word of caution: MSF does not always have positive relationships with the different ministries of health. It may not be something you want to emulate.

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