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CDC Resources

The Center for Disease Control is a crucial player in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the United States and internationally. This site explains their supporting role to many US based Nonprofits and the types of jobs their analysts do here and in Africa.

Government Resources

Web directory categories under the government branch. This will lead you to more information on the CDC. It will also show you what other areas of the government are helping to fight in the war on AIDs.


Web directory category that will give you background information on the disease. It will also show you different information on therapies for HIV/AIDS and also where AIDS affects people around the world.


This category will give you more information on the various non profits. It will point you to UNAIDS as well as the Clinton Foundation. It also provides websites that tell you about what it is like to work for a nonprofit. There are also websites that provide information on non profits that work in expat situations.

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